natural grocers e-commerce concept 



For this project I was tasked with designing an e-commerce website for local health food and supplement store Natural Grocers. While business is doing well, Natural Grocers would like to increase revenue by tapping into the online grocery shopping industry.

my role

I was responsible for research, design and testing.


Competitive Analysis, User Interviews, Contextual Inquiry, Wireframing, Prototyping, Testing, Iteration.


I created an intuitive navigation and one page checkout to save users time. I also included a way to shop from recipes to allow users to discover new items.


Users need a more efficient way to browse products and complete purchases. Users also need an alternative way to discover new products.



To better understand competitors and best practices, I started my research with a competitive analysis. Next, I headed over to Natural Grocers to observe users shopping and conduct interviews with shoppers and employees. I learned that noon was the busiest time of day with young professional coming in to purchase lunch and mothers shopping for their families throughout the day. 

Organizing my findings.

Organizing my findings.



Based on my observation I noticed two primary users, young professionals and mothers shopping for their families. Interviewing employees confirmed this finding.



Early design sketches. Initially I planned on using a left navigation but after some guerilla testing I discovered users preferred the top navigation. One user stated, "It reminds me of the aisles when I'm shopping in the store." 




During usability testing users understood that this was a website they could shop from and all users were able to complete the task of locating a specific product and complete the purchase. 


Recipe Detail

I created a Shop From Recipe feature to allow users to shop for new ingredients based on the recipe they are using. Users can select the checkboxes to add the items to their cart without leaving the page. Alternatively, they can click on the ingredient to go to the Product Detail page.



During my research I learned about cart abandonment and decided to include a one page checkout as a solution to this problem. I did include the ability to edit the order in case a user changed their mind about a product. In doing this I am hoping that staying on the Checkout page will make the user more inclined to complete their purchase.



Designing for an e-commerce site was a great learning experience. Discovering all the paths a user can take to add items to their cart was interesting and I look forward to exploring even more ways.  Another interesting finding was that many users stated they would prefer to buy their produce in person, even if they had the rest of their groceries delivered. They stated that they had either had unsatisfactory produce delivered in the past or were incredibly picky about their produce. I would be interested to see if an Add Photo feature would build enough trust for users to get their produce delivered.